As a commercial property owner, you know that first impressions are a crucial part of drawing in potential customers. What does the appearance of your parking lot say about your business? Is it safe, clean and free of cracks and potholes, or does it need some repairs?

An asphalt parking lot is easy to maintain if you do a little research up front. Here’s what your commercial asphalt paving contractors want you to know about maintaining your asphalt parking lot.

What are the benefits of asphalt?

There are many different important benefits of using asphalt to pave your parking lot. Asphalt is extremely durable and will last many years with high volume traffic. Asphalt parking lots that are constructed properly last significantly longer than alternative parking lot pavements. Asphalt Parking Lots also costs less to install than other alternatives, and it’s even recyclable!

How long do asphalt parking lots typically last?

If your commercial parking lot is installed properly by an experienced asphalt contractor, and has regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, it generally should last between 20-30 years. There are many factors that can affect a commercial parking lot’s life, such as weather conditions, quality of installation, stability of the sub-grade, the drainage plan, and usage. Be sure to schedule regular preventative maintenance to keep your paving surface long-lasting.

Is there a time of year that is better to install an asphalt parking lot?

A-Top Paving an asphalt parking lot paving company can usually install year-round if the temperature and ground conditions permit. Paving operations can be weather-dependent due to moisture and freezing of the ground. If it is heavily raining or snowing, your asphalt contractor will normally reschedule the project to a dry and warmer day.

What are the types of ongoing maintenance I should expect on an asphalt parking lot?

Simply invest the time and effort in sealing cracks, pothole repair, seal-coating, patching, and re-striping are typically the types of maintenance repairs you will need to do for your asphalt parking lot. It’s extremely important that you address cracks right away, as they provide a way for water to seep below the surface of the asphalt. Over time, the water will compromises the integrity of the asphalt and causes potholes to form.

Potholes, too, should be addressed immediately. It’s a commercial liability to have an uneven surface in your asphalt parking lot. Potholes can be easily patched to provide a smooth surface for your clients and employees.

Should I sealcoat my parking lot?

Generally, it is recommended that asphalt parking lots have a sealcoat application put on. Sealcoating is a thin layer that is added over your paved surface. The sealer protects your asphalt surface from damage caused by rain, snow, UV rays, and fluids from vehicles. Your lot should be re-sealed every few years to slow down the deterioration process.

When should my parking lot be resurfaced?

You can tell your parking lot may need resurfacing when it has become heavily oxidized but the base is in stable condition. The condition of your lot can be tested by an asphalt paving company to see what type of shape it is in.

How long after paving a parking lot can it be driven on?

It’s important that your parking lot has time to completely cure after paving. There should not be any foot or vehicle traffic on your freshly paved parking lot for at least 24 hours.

When Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?

Parking lot stripes can fade over time, making it unclear to visitors where the parking spots should be. If your parking lot stripes have faded or if you’ve recently re-paved your asphalt parking lot, you should also opt for re-striping.

What are the advantages of asphalt over concrete?

Asphalt is more cost-efficient than concrete and is less expensive to repair. Asphalt can easily be resurfaced and usually does not need to be removed. Asphalt can also hold up to temperature fluctuations much better than concrete can, which is important considering New York's warm summers and ice-cold winters.

We hope you think of the importance of your business's parking lot and consider asphalt paving when you need to resurface your lot. If you have any questions about asphalt paving or are in need of service, contact A-Top Paving, your Long Island & Queens NY asphalt parking lot contractor. Give us a call at 516-608-0442.